Thursday, 21 July 2011

Plodding Along

Changeable weather here again with more storms thrown in for the dramatic effects, in fact we were sat outside last night watching the lightning flash across the fields with the rumbling, rolling thunder right overhead. It was fantastic and again I got off from garden watering duties as the hevens opened and did it for me.

We had friends and family arrive on Tuesday who will be staying for a couple of weeks, so things are a little less peaceful here and it's lovely to see them again. I hope they enjoy their holiday.

Today has been breezy and cool so I managed to get in the garden and clear another raised bed ready for other things to be planted. I have some carrots, beetroot and chard that need thinned out so they'll be transplanted later on once the sun has gone down. We've eaten our first cucumber and tomatoes from the garden and they were lovely. Hopefully there are plenty more to come.

We are having a half pig roast next week and it will be lovely to have more friends around and catch up. As there are a few kids coming I've decided that they will have their own table and picnic food - I'm not the most patient of people and like to eat my meal without a lot of fuss and kids grabbing at things so this seems the easiest option. Plus they can get in the pool and have fun while the adults chat etc. let's see how it goes, I may even take some photos for this blog as it's lacking in a bit of colour lately :)


  1. Sorry we couldn't get over to see you. The people we were staying with were on holiday too and they weren't very keen on having no transport for the day. They can't really understand why we are leaving our grown up kids, our mothers and moving to a new country (although they have 6 kids, 6 grandchildren and 2 more on the way)

    Well, I was totally blown away with Bulgaria - such big skies, so open, so cheap. Well Mr. P is now very keen to relocate there, especially as we had only been back in the UK for 40 mins and we were maced up at the long-term parking facility at Luton airport - a lovely welcome home to 'rip-off' Britain.

    I expect you are missing your kids bitterly, but in my experience, I could have cheerfully sent my daughter off for a few years, but my son (now 19) was always a pure joy (still is).

    Now the pig roast sounds fantastic, although I saw all kinds of animals in our hosts' village (donkeys, goats, geese, chickens, calves, storks [wow! what huge nests], I never saw any pigs.

    For the last week it has been thermal socks and thick cardis, somewhat a shock to the system.

    Hope you enjoy your little party - lucky girl - wall to wall rain here.

    Jak x

  2. Mmmmm! Roast pig. Living in this Muslim country that's a treat that's hard to come by.
    As a farmer thought you might enjoy the following video