Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Blues

Not a lot of blogging going on this week and to be honest not much of anything else this week. The weather has been glorious but I'm feeling pretty blue. Down, disparaged, discouraged and unable to look to the future at the moment.

The daily teen angst, arguments and everything else that parents go through isn't helping but what's worse is that I've been watching my kids packing their cases to leave on Monday. Instead of having a nice week together, there have been shouting matches, bickering, pettiness and nastiness, plus one or 2 threats of violence. It's all wearing me down and I'm constantly fighting back tears. Maybe I feel worse because I'm not letting the tears flow - I don't know?

And to top everthing off our fridge freezer broke down today and one of the dogs got stung by a wasp! Let's see if tomorrow is a better day. We are actually going out tomorrow afternoon as it's the yearly horse fair in a villge not far from us. Normally it's quite a big event and I do like to go see the horses too.

Speaking of horses, my daughter has ridden our 2 girls (on the lunge) a couple of times in the last week. All was going great until Maya spooked as daughter got on and deposited said daughter on the floor. Poor thing has hurt her wrist (nothing serious) and not been back on since. But at least it's given me a better idea of ghow they react when ridden and I've seen things from a different view (ie the ground) and noticed how they move etc.

Hubby is looking for work here in Bulgaria at the moment and has a few small jobs lined up. It would be nice to find more though. Luckily he has great references from past jobs and word is starting to spread that he's good, reliable and doesn't charge the earth. Unlike some, who are not even trained builders trying to make a living by doing skilled jobs they don't necessarily have the expertise to do.

I meant to post this yesterday but just didn't have the heart, today I really enjoyed getting out to the horse fair even though there were friesian horses there that I couldn't afford (my favourite breed). It was nice to do something different but the yearly horse fair is turning the same way as Appleby fair in the UK and there are far too many stalls selling clothes, melons, bedding etc and of course not forgetting the beer tents that seem to expand every year. One thing different this year was the cordon stopping people from driving up the narrow, cluttgered street near the fair and it was an improvement. The police were there and making their presence known too. 

But, like every other market that goes on where animals are sold (and not just here in Bulgaria), there are always the "Poor" looking animals. Most I have to say were in good condition and there were plenty of people ferrying water to their livestock. Still there were a few that looked emaciated, ill and generally awful and my heart goes out to them. I'd love to bring them all home and make whatever time they have left full of kindness, but I can't. It breaks my heart, but I did notice more people stopping to comment on the bad state of one horse in particular so at least they can see what a horse shouldn't look like.


  1. Hey Suzy, I just sent you an email. Please let me know if you received it. I am sorry you are having such a tough time right now. My wish for you is that your heart will be lightened soon. All the best,
    Chronicles of Serbia blogger

  2. Been there, done that (the bloody kids!), it really can get a lot better. Our kids are more than middle-aged now and we have a terrific relationship with them - just wish the teens bit hadn't happened.
    look out of the window - another beautiful day in Bulgaria :-)

  3. come on Suzy, more than a week - there are people out here who miss you