Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Hear Thunder

This weather just doesn't quite know what to do with itself it seems. We've had fabulous sunshine most days and some fantastic storms too. Thunder, lightening and even hailstones yesterday. It rained so much yesterday afternoon that our pool overflowed, but then the sun came back out and today is bright and warm again.

Hopefully by the end of the week we should have our first crop of hay cut from part of our land, which we've not done before. All the rain we've had and sunshine has meant that the grass (and weeds) has grown wonderfully long and thick and it seems a shame not to use it as animal feed for the winter. We aren't buying any lucerne (alfalfa) this year from the corporation as A) it's expensive to have baled up and B) seems to make one of our mares quite tense and at times aggresive when they're stuck in during the worst weather. So we'll have to try and get as much hay as we can stored and ready for when we need it.

Other news is that the kids are now definitely going back to the UK to finish their schooling. Education here is good but they aren't progressing enough to be able to finish their education at the right ages. Son hit the nail on the head when he said "At this rate we'll be 25 by the time we leave school" I'm really going to miss them and am so proud of what they have achieved here in Bulgarian school, but I have to give in and say that them returning to the UK is possibly for the best. Best for them, but upsetting for me!

Hubby's broken rib(s) are almost healed and there are a few jobs waiting for him when he feels up to it. Mostly for other people though as renovations here have drawn to a halt again due to a lack of funds. At least the good weather gives me plenty to do outside and the animals are much happier now that they get to spend all day eating. Some of my vegetables are growing really well but others are struggling with the increased temperatures. The radish and onions are now trying to bolt, whilst the lettuce seems to be wilting with the heat. But I have pumpkin plants popping up all over the place so the pigs will be happy when it's harvest time!

A local charity that helps Bulgarian children and orphans is having a whole pig roast on July 2nd and one of our piggy's is the main course. Bookings are going well and I'm sure the day will be a huge success and raise much needed cash to help more children.

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