Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring Photo's

As the weather is a bit cooler today I'm indoors and have some free time to post the long promised spring photgraphs of things around the garden. I'm still experimenting with the camera but do like the photo's I take so I guess that's what counts :)

I have a few small experiments going on in the garden this year too with one or 2 of the raised beds, lots of old straw bales and copious amounts of well aged compost. The neighbours still shake their heads and think I'm mad but at least they laugh about it now and occasionally agree that some of my methods do actually work. Mind you it's just occasionally, the rest of the time they just can't make their minds up about what I'm doing at all. It's fun to keep them guessing though :)

The daffodils and snowdrops are all finished now but there are signs of life in the flower garden again, small seedlings are popping up everywhere and the peony roses are getting taller daily. Some of the seedlings may well turn out to be weeds but it's a waiting game at the moment. My vegetable seedlings are still indoors as the nighttime temperatures haven't been great here, they are rising but slowly so hopefully in a couple of weeks everything else can go into it's final place in the garden.

And finally a lovley photo of some of the local girls (and my daughter) in tradtional Bulgarian costume, going round the village singing and dancing for Lazaren day. They had a great time and came home with loads of sweets, some money and 2 dozen eggs each!


  1. Very good Suzy, its lovely seeing Summer getting nearer and nearer. The flowers are coming to life again and everything is popping up.

    Great photo of the girls

    love Patrecia

  2. It looks lovely and spacious. The temperatures here have been all over the place too - roasting last weekend and much cooler now, although we need rain as our soil is cracking as it has been so dry.

    Is that your daughter in the middle? It's good to see her joining in with the BG traditions (not to mention the sweeties).
    Jak x

  3. Thanks Patrecia, the phots you sent up of the girls when they visited you have been given out, thanks. The flowers are staring to show themselves now but alas, the weeds are growing at an amazing rate too! I should have some spare bedding plants soon if you'd like them?

    Jak, the one thing we have plenty of is space lol. The temperatures are rising but slowly here and we've had a fair amount of rain too - luckily it's not long until summer will really get here and then we can complain we're too hot!

    Yes my daughter is the fair one in the middle, she quite enjoys some of the Bulgarian traditions, especially as most seem to involve sweets.

    Suzy x