Thursday, 3 March 2011

National Liberation Day

Today is a holiday in Bulgaria, much like a bank holiday in the UK as most businesses will be closed and the schools are off. It's National Liberation Day,  celebrating the end of 500 years of Ottoman rule under the treaty of San Stefano.

More information about this holiday can be found Here.

Bulgaria has some lovely customs and the people do like to celebrate their holidays in style. Over the last few years we've managed to be involved with most of the village celebrations and it's great to be included. My favourites are Easter and also Baba Marta which was also celebrated this week  and we're wearing our martenitza's until we see the storks come back to nest.

Easter is lovely here and nothing like the commercial holiday it's become in the UK. Chocolate eggs are not given, but instead we paint or dye hens eggs and eat lovely sweet bread called Kozenak. I'll blog more about it at the time.

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