Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yantra's Day Out

Thanks to friends I've been out into town today, the roads are mainly clear but since we live off the road getting the car out isn't as easy. So off we went with Yantra the dog too. First stop was the vets, poor little Yantra was pretty scared and didn't really enjoy the journey either. She's a timid dog and doesn't trust strangers at all, being in town was a totally new experience too and I'd imagine all the different smells in the vets waiting room was quite terrifying too, but she had to go.

Fifteen minutes and one injection later she was looking very chilled about things - that's what sedatives will do! Another 2 jabs 5 minutes apart and she was totally asleep, shaved and on the operating table when I left her. I did mean to take her to the vets weeks ago but then we had fresh snowfall and couldn't get the car out at all. So while she was being spayed I headed off to go to the bank, pay the phone bill, buy a vignette for the car and stock up on bread and other essentials.

My friends had headed off elsewhere and had arranged to pick me up on the way back, and Yantra too of course. So an hour later and with my jobs done it was back to the vets to pick up a rather sleepy and bedraggled looking dog and pay the bill of 64 leva. To give a comparison of the price car tax (vignette) for one year is 67 leva. But it's done now and Yantra is spending the night downstairs in front of the fire where she's been since coming home. She's had a small tea of leftover casserole, ventured into the garden for a quick toilet trip and looks rather sorry for herself but not totally unhappy.

There are enough unwanted and homeless animals here without us adding to the problem so most of our pets are neutered/spayed. Just yesterday hubby went on a mission to help save a stray dog in the next village that had been seen running on the road frequently. Our friend Pat who is an animal lover had been stopping and feeding the dog and was getting increasingly worried about it being on the road and out in the cold. Hubby and Pat's husband set off, found the dog, managed to get hold of her and drove her to a new home with another expat friend all in the space of an hour - good work lads!

The dog who has now been named Ella finally has somewhere warm and dry to live, regular meals and has even had a tidy up haircut and bath. Lucky Ella should now have a great life and it's great to see what a little bit of teamwork can achieve.

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