Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shovelling My Way into 2011

I'm back and hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year. We've enjoyed a bit of a break, a few drinks and some lovely meals and are now raring to go again ish!

Christmas here was a quiet family day, it was also a muddy but very warm 17 degrees C, not at all like you expect for the time of year. Alas winter has reared her ugly head again and we currently have a rather good covering of snow and even day time temperatures have stayed around the zero mark. Snow and cold weather means the woodburner is lit early and the animals don't get out as often as they should do, which leaves me more time to read books or watch films.

Daily life goes on for the villagers and they still manage to get to the cafe every morning (even Christmas day) to discuss the gossip or find out what's been happening. New years eve is a bigger celebration here and the whole village was alive at stroke of midnight as the fireworks were set off and the locals celebrated, some were even out bringing in the new year to the sounds of kalashnikovs being fired!

So that's the excitement over and done with for another 11.5 months approx now and we've been thinking long and hard what to do with ourselves in 2011. We're hoping that new challenges may present themselves and the weather is good for the veggie garden!

What are your hopes or dreams for 2011?

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