Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Digging For Gold

I've hit the jackpot, struck it rich, found the treasure! Yay. Unfortunately it's not actual gold, but for me, better than gold. Three years of keeping animals and shovelling muck has finally paid off and I have a muck heap full of the most amazing, totally organic compost that you've ever seen. It's fantastic even if I do say so myself.

Yesterday I filled a wheelbarrow with this gardeners gold and today I plan to do something with it. I've started planting bulbs to flower in spring, but because I'm so forgetful I've planted them in pots so that I won't dig them back out by accident at a later date. Hopefully we'll see a riot of colours next year with hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, Iris and chionodoxa, plus the usual snowdrops and daffodils.

I'm also starting to plan what to grow vegetable wise next year, and so far I have a few things I'd like to concentrate on and grow more of. And again I'm asking you readers to help me. I'm very interested in growing lots of different varieties of chillies but the seed choices here are somewhat small. So if you see any seeds that you think I might like to try out I'd love it if you could post me a few (I'll give my address to anyone wishing to participate). Now I'm not asking you to run out and buy packets of seeds - If you have any chillies at home (shop bought or home grown) just deseed them, let the seeds dry out for a few days and pop them in the post with a note telling me which variety they are please. I'll plant them in my fab compost and post pictures if and when anything starts to grow, then rate them when we eat what they produce. What do you think? Sounds like a plan to me so lets get started.

This morning we woke up to thick fog, a real pea souper. You could barely see in front of you and as soon as I'd put the horses out I'd lost them in the fog. Luckily about an hour ago the sun started to break through and hey presto, the fog has gone. So I'm off out now with the camera to take some lovely autumnal photos which I hope to include in my next blog update.


  1. Hi Suzy; I've had a pretty good year with chillis -- as the many posts on this subject on my blog will confirm. I'm willing to send you some seeds if you give me your address. My email is mwillis@ntlworld.com

  2. Hi Mark and thanks. I'll certainly pass on my address via e-mail and look forward to some lovely chilli seeds from you.

    Your garden is looking very nice on your blog and I love the mallard photo.

  3. Hi Suzy; I've started drying some chilli seeds for you. I have five different varieties. If I send you some of these, will you please send me some seeds of some hardy lettuces?