Sunday, 26 September 2010

Worn Out

Well what a week we've had! Friends and family have been here for a holiday so it's been busy non stop and we've had some great laughs. There have been birthdays to celebrate, drinks to be drunk and some hilarious times to boot, it's been lovely seeing them again and I hope they all had a great week. Some people think we live in a town and can get quite a shock when they realise how rural it is here and how far it is from our old lives.

In other news, the kids are going to school again and never missed a day. I think it was more of a lack of language and communication on all parts but am glad it's now sorted out. The piglets are all ready to go to new homes and we have had some enquiries and reservations already. Charlotte is due a well earned rest from motherhood and time to pit some weight back on and chill out. Maggie the donkey is now back home after going for grass cutting duties to a friends house for a few weeks. All of the animals are starting to get their winter coats in as the nights draw closer and temperatures drop. Soon I'll have to bring the houseplants and cuttings indoors before we start to get overnight frosts.

Sister in law and I are off to a car boot sale again tomorrow, and hopefully coming back with an empty car as she tries to sell of the last things she needs to get rid off before returning to the UK. I'll be sad to see her go and will miss her loads.

Hubby has some work to do over the next few weeks and I need to sort out winter accomodation for all of the animals, get everything mucked out and fresh bedding sorted and make sure they'll be snug and dry for when the colder weather comes. This year all of the manure is going onto the top of the garden to try and help improve the soil. I'll spread it out and let the frost break it down ready for the growing season next spring. The pool needs emptied, cleaned and packed away this week as it's not warm enough now to use it. Another summer over and done with!

Right now it's raining and the ground desperately needs it, everything is parched and very dusty. Let's hope it's stopped before morning otherwise we'll be wearing wellies to the car boot sale lol


  1. I should leave comments more often, I love your blog and I would love to live sustainably and produce my own foodxxx i'll be backt o ready yoru next post.

  2. My, you sound SO busy, hope the car boot was a success. We did our last big on of the season on Sunday and managed to make a rather nice amount of money and what was more in the cupboards at home.

    Hope you have a lovely (if busy) week.

    Sue xx

  3. Love your blog Suz, busy here too, how quickly this year is going!! I'm making lots of pies for the winter months :D
    Hope your car boot was a sucess
    Shirley xx
    (aka Shadow_Lands)

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments, this week is proving to be a little hectic and I'm just about to update the blog to tell you all about it.

    Car boot sale was good but rather wet, still we managed to sell some things and met some lovely people.

    Suzy x