Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blown Away

The weather here has taken a huge turn for the worst, it's been really windy and much cooler than you'd expect for early September, in fact we're already back into long trousers and long sleeved tops! The wind is playing havoc with my garden and some of the plants have been totally uprooted, I've just had to fetch the lilo for the pool from across the garden too lol. The forecast says it will warm up again in a day or so and the temperature this morning is a cool 16 Degrees C, big change from last weeks 36 Degrees C.

The horses are enjoying the break from the heat and the wind seems to be keeping the flies off them too, they were both slightly over excited this morning when I put them out and jumping around like idiots. The piglets are coming on in leaps and bounds and thoroughly enjoying the larger space they have in the barn now. Last night I gave them a huge pumpkin which they devoured in about 15 minutes whilst mum ate her tea. We have to make up 2 feeds now as they push poor Charlotte out of the way, the plus side is that they are now much less dependant on mum and she can get a little rest while they play.

Other news this week is that hubby has been working away in our extension that he built last year and has now opened up the wall that was keeping us from getting into it. We left the wall in place until we had the time and money to do the internal works on the extension and now it's almost done. So we've gained a beautiful hallway with double ceiling height and an extra bedroom which we needed for my daughter. When the kids come home next week there'll be a lot of sorting out to do as they can finally move into their permanent bedrooms and we will move into the large room they've been sharing. Hubby has worked long and hard on this project and it's a lovely space, I'm so proud of him. In the future we'll add a staircase to the extended hall so access the huge loft space we now have after altering and renewing the roof last year. We're on the home straight as far as renovations go now and I'm looking forward to seeing the house completed. This was my view from the computer desk last week.

I'll post a pic of how it looks once we get some paint on the walls and tidied up etc. Typical that when I started trying to clean up the demolition dust the hoover decided to blow up, 2 minutes work, a puff of black smoke and now it's an ex-hoover! Oh well, at least I have a sweeping brush and plenty of cloths. The dust is everywhere and will take me a few days to clean up. Until we're ready to break through the bedroom wall into the planned ensuite bathroom we have no more major work or demolition to do and can concentrate on finishing off jobs slowly over the winter. Or that's the plan anyway!

What do you have planned for the colder months?

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  1. It sounds like you're having the weather this week that we had here last week. I truly thought Summer was over and that it was time to dig out the woollies and blankets and then, whoosh....Summer's back, it was so hot yesterday and the glorious sunshine is bringing on the tomatoes. The green haze in the polytunnel is now punctuated with flashes of red again and I feel another batch of tomatoey goodness heading for the Aga.

    Hope you get this weather soon, we all need a last burst of Summer before battening down the hatches for Winter.

    It was lovely to read about your Car Booting expeience. We have the same here with hoards of eager buyers grabbing things from the boot before you have time to unload, I cannot imagine having to deal with that AND queries in another language at the same time. Well done you.

    Sue xx