Monday, 21 December 2009

Time Flies

I've been in Bulgaria full time for 2 years today and can't help wondering where the time has gone! Doesn't seem that long since I left the UK to start a new life here and maybe that's because I can honestly say that majority of the time we've been here I've loved it warts and all.

Bulgaria is far from perfect, as a country there are still some quite large problems and issues that do need dealt with and a lot of left over things from communist times that probably aren't helping the country move forward as well as it could. On the whole though life here is peaceful and less stressful. I'm not saying that life here is better than the UK but it is different, in a good way.

Looking back we've had our share of problems and will continue to do so, some things could have been avoided and we've learnt a lot from mistakes. Isn't that what life is about?

There are a couple of things I would have changed that we've done so far but nothing major I guess. I'd still have bought a house with land, something to renovate that will hopefully turn out to be our dream home one day. I'm glad we decided to move to Bulgaria even if it ultimately doesn't work out as we'd hoped, things are always changing and there is scope to do so much here. If we hadn't moved then we'd have stayed in a rut and continued to think about moving but not actually done anything proactive. I read somewhere that the first 2 years of living somewhere new can be the hardest, and we've managed to survive that far without any major mishaps. Whatever happens I'll be writing about it!

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